Why are Robot Driving Cars an Inevitable Need?

Do you enjoy driving car? If the answer is yes, then enjoy all you can while driving because once the robot driving car or self-driving vehicle is out for sale, your fun won’t stay for very long. Robot cars would be another milestone in human history.

The rise of robot cars has begun with quite swiftness. In fact, virtually each and every major car developer has designed an autonomous vehicle (AV) and Google has these robot cars running for a long time now. However, the state laws demand a human driver too, who should be present behind the wheels in case of an emergency. Google has maintained a neat to perfect safety record with just one accident recorded when a human driver was operating the car.

Various surveys show that most drivers don’t trust the new robot car technology, but engineers and analysts say that autonomous vehicles are in fact very safe.

As per analysts, computers have no emotions and unlike humans, they don’t get distracted too. They also state that these robot cars are way more reliable than a human driver.

The development of robot cars is happening on multiple fronts. Various universities are conducting research programs and many top-notch manufacturers, including Nissan, GM, Volvo, and also BMW have already made an announcement of their plans of marketing robot cars by the year 2020. The IEEE (Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) has estimated that by the year 2040, nearly 75% of the vehicles will be self-driving models.

Analysts have also predicted that adoption of these self-driving robotic cars would follow a pattern, which will be very much like personal computers with a steady growth of public acceptance as the benefits of the technology are demonstrated.

The eradication of the human drivers will eventually have an economic and far-going social implication. The whole of the industry involving car and truck driving might be wiped out. The AVs would gradually reduce crashes too as most accidents are a result of human error. This would drastically affect the auto insurance and body repair too.

Autonomous vehicles will have a great impact on the congestion too in a good way as they can work at optimum spacing, speed, and in turn maximize the traffic flow. They can also be operated with a networked control system, which will optimize the flow of traffic by commanding the cars to take optimum routes and also by letting every car know what the other vehicle is doing.

All these benefits and positive impacts will make the robot cars an inevitable need in today’s world.

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